Wells Drilled Since 2013

Inside Energy analysis identified 222 wells within 500 ft. of residential buildings drilled since 2013, all in Weld County. There could be many more. You can toggle between the wells we identified near residencers (yellow) and all wells (purple) drilled since 2013.

Why do I see circles when I zoom in? This map shows 500 ft. circles drawn around well locations. Zoom in to see the houses, farms and other buildings that lie within this setback distance.

Why do I see a bunch of overlapping circles? Often, many wells are drilled from the same well pad. They may be horizontal under the surface, but have surface holes that are very close together.

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Data sources: Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission wells database; Weld County address points. Based on analysis done by FracTracker in 2016.

Based on Searchable Map Template v1.3 by Derek Eder and modified template by Jack Dougherty with Google Fusion Tables.